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This is the Wiki for Ichor Runs Red, there isn’t a whole lot on here; however, for the time being there is a few things of note.

In Character Stuff
Places of Import
Oasis of the World
Victoria, BC
New Orleans, Louisiana

Scion Bands and Individuals
Gods Honest
League of Legends

Our Story So Far
The Retaking of the Ship of the Damned
Northern Lights and Island Frights
The Wolf-Fae Chronicles

Rules, Guides, and OOC stuff
We use John’s Rules here on this site for pretty much everything unless otherwise noted.

Getting Started
Revamped Rules
New Character Creation
Associated Gods
New Birthright Information

Building Characters [Hints to Assist]
Character Roles
Knacks of Importance
Enhancement- Demigod and God

Complicated Stuff
Stunting — Purview Lasers

Guides and Links
Guides and other Sources

Main Page

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