Example of a Fatebinding

Tyson has a fatebinding to Herman Maur at a seven point rating. Originally Herman was only bound to Tyson at a three point rating, due to the amount of legend spent at the Werewolf destruction, but after Baron Samedi’s baseball match, that increased.

In further news, Herman’s fate is now even more so bound up to Tyson after he witnessed him expend more legend in Whitehorse.

Herman Maur is Tyson’s ‘Backup.’ Herman wishes to follow the Scion into whatever situation necessary, defending him or her in battle and lending a helping hand whenever needed. She refuses to be left behind and never acts without the Scion’s safety in mind.

This also means that he’s Fatebound for 100 years, that it’s in effect for the full world, and that it gives a +2 successes to four things that Herman think’s Tyson is good at, and -2 successes to things that Herman thinks Tyson is bad at, so long as Tyson is on this plane of existence or in the overworld. He has four things that Herman thinks Tyson is good at and four things that he thinks Tyson is bad at as a mechanical bonus/penalty.

Tyson gets +2 successes to Melee / -2 successes to politics
Herman witnessed Tyson decimate three werewolves, one of which being the most powerful thing in existence. But he also watched Tyson make such a huge ‘gaffe’ when he spoke, that while he wasn’t able to figure out the specifics, he did know that by reactions that he put his foot in his mouth.

Tyson gets +2 successes to Athletic / -2 successes to empathy
Herman has witnessed Tyson be an exceptional baseball player and he knows he’s an excellent athlete; however, he also noticed that he doubted Nessa’s abilities even though she’s quite good at holding her own.

Tyson gets +2 successes to Strength / -2 successes to Perception
Herman has witnessed Tyson grow into legendary size and a huge increase in his raw skill. He has also noticed that Tyson’s kind of unruly, particularly when it’s not to his benefit or the benefit of his group. He doesn’t believe that it comes from being malicious (do to his fatebinding role), nor does he think he’s stupid, so he thinks it’s just because the guy is a bit oblivious to danger.

Tyson gets +2 successes to Presence / – 2 successes to stealth
After witnessing Tyson lift a car and wrestle Thorstein, for no other reason then to show how awesome he is; he’s very damn sure that Tyson is awesome. Unfortunatly, the guy seems to not be able to be subtle in anything he does, so clearly the guy’s not a stealthy man.

Herman is siphoning 10% of Tyson’s XP.

If Herman Maur dies and Tyson refuses to save him or it was possible for Tyson to save him then Tyson looses four points of Willpower for a day and he can’t spend legend for a week.

Example of a Fatebinding

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