Character Roles

This concept and much of the text comes from John’s Site which is a great resource and I highly reccomend it. I’ve changed sections of it to work for my game, but the stuff comes from his website and I suggest you go there.

While no players should ever be forced into playing a character that they are not interested in, some groups may have trouble creating a good balance and band makeup to ensure that their Scions have the best chance of surviving and succeeding in their heroic missions. The following optional sub-system may help struggling groups by providing a framework to ensure that critical abilities and balance are built into a Scion band from the beginning of the game. What’s important is that you make a realistic, believable character who was once a human being. Everything else can be negotiated.

There are several basic mythic roles that Scions and gods embody in their tales. For a Scion band to be most successful, it should contain a mix of the archetypes in the table below. Before character creation, the Storyteller and players should discuss the roles and mutually agree on who will take which role on, making sure that every role is represented; if there are fewer players in the group than there are different roles, they should also agree on which ones they feel are most critical or exciting for the game.

Each role has a specific set of requirements and guidelines to ensure that that Scion fulfills it in a heroic and impressive manner.

It is possible for a single character to fill two roles; a character with heavy investment in Wits, Control, Medicine and Health might be able to function as either Healer or Pilot for a band, for example. A single character should not be required to fill two roles in order to allow another character to have no role or to duplicate another role already in the band, however, as the XP requirements would be unfair from player to player. Characters who fit none of the roles may have a difficult time pulling their weight in comparison to their bandmates, while characters who try to fit too many of them may feel restricted or become unable to keep up in one or more dimensions. It is also possible for a Scion’s role to change over time if she begins to invest heavily in a different skillset than the one she started with, but doing so will naturally often require the rest of the band to adjust and make sure that all areas are still covered. Finally, it is possible for there to be more than one Scion with the same role in a single band; most often this occurs when there are more than five Scions or several of them have more than one role.

If the players want the freedom to play any of the roles in a given story, the Storyteller may have them create multiple different characters with multiple roles. Once they have done so, they may at Storyteller discretion switch between them at the beginning of each new story, allowing different players to explore different roles and character types. If they do so, award the new character that has been switched to an equivalent amount of XP to what the previous character earned, in order to ensure that she can enter the game on an equal playing field with the rest of the band.

Role Description Mechanics
Artisan The Artisan’s job is to create amazing things to enhance his skills and the skills of his bandmates. A relic master-creator beyond compare and a creator of the mundane and the fantastic, the Artisan’s never more comfortable then at work. The Artisan’s two main attributes is a high intelligence and a high dexterity (four or five) and at least one Art skill of at least five points. You also need a work space to perform your task, and the Artistry purview is essential.
Scout The scout’s job is to provide intelligence via physically scouting ahead with being either unseen or unnoticed in the process and then report back to the group. The scout must first and foremost have a high dexterity (four or five) and a high stealth pool (four or five) in order to not get caught. It’s suggested that the player also place several dots into perception as well as the skills of investigation and awareness. As well as Larceny and Survival for scouting ahead in urban environments and in the woods. Finally, while not required, it is suggested that you pick up some boons that would assist in the manner: Moon, Animal, Darkness, or Psycopomp is suggested.
Face The Face’s job is to provide intelligence via subtle manipulation and a glowing appearance. It is there job to be the individual that gets information through subterfuge, guile, force of personality, or, as a last resort, intimidation. The Face must first and foremost begin with a high Appearance, Manipulation, or Charisma rating. The other two social attributes should not be neglected. A starting presence skill of five is highly suggested as well as a few dots in command, empathy, and politics. As a secondary concern, a higher than average perception score is suggested to discern truth from lies. The primary concern for the ‘Face’ is epic social attributes, but the Sun may also be helpful.
Healer The Healer’s job is to tend to the wounds, illnesses and even mental problems that inevitably threaten the lives of Scions on the front lines of the war against the Titans. The Healer must first and foremost begin with Wits and Medicine at four or five dots as well as access to the Health Purview. He or she must as a secondary priority make sure he has at least three dots of Stamina, Intelligence and Wits. While not required, Charisma or Moon may also be very helpful to a Healer as he tries to keep his erstwhile band in one piece. Healers at the Hero level have access to few direct healing powers, so Wits (for stabilization of dying comrades) and Medicine (for all their basic medical needs) are their most important starting skills.
Intelligentsia An Intelligentsia character’s job is to learn any and all important information her band might need and to solve the complex and often dangerous puzzles of the divine. An Intelligentsia character must first and foremost begin with her Intelligence and at least one of either Academics, Occult or Politics at five dots and the other two abilities at least at three. While not required, Mystery or Prophecy can also give an Intelligentsia Scion much-needed tools to stay on top of the secrets and movements of the gods and Titans. Players of Intelligentsia often need to invest more time outside of the game, talking to the Storyteller or researching things that their character should know about.
Leader The Leader’s job is to keep the band together, make the tough decisions and be on point for social interactions that come their way. A Leader must first and foremost begin with either Charisma or Manipulation at four or five dots, and should as a secondary concern make sure he has at least three dots of Command, Empathy, Politics and Presence, though if one or two of those skills are lagging then it’s not as big a deal. The Leader has fewer mechanical constraints because he has far more in-game responsibilities and problems; he has to be ready to be the main point of contact for most NPCs, to keep disputes and problems within the band solved or at least civil, and to make decisions about the band’s missions and actions when everyone is stumped. This role is the one that most often needs to talk to the Storyteller to plan ahead, or finds that he bears the brunt of any misdeeds or enemies that the band may make along the way.
Pilot The Pilot’s job is to get the band where they’re going as quickly and reliably as possible. A Pilot must first and foremost begin with her Wits and at least one Control at five (though one of these at four is not impossible either) dots and have access to transportation in some form and be willing and able to share it with her comrades, whether this is a relic vehicle, the money to hire trains and planes, the ability to carjack at a moment’s notice or anything else that ensures that when they need to go, they can. As a secondary concern, she must also have a few dots in any other Controls she feels may be helpful, and must have at least three dots in whatever Art is required to keep her vehicle operational. A Hero-level Pilot is not required to purchase any boons to do well at her job, but she should be aware that at higher Legend levels she will need to begin investing heavily in Artistry or Psychopomp to ensure that she can continue to provide reliable divine transportation.
Warrior Scions who are Warriors have a very simple job: they have to be able to go into combat and fight for their bands, consistently doing significant amounts of damage. A Warrior must first and foremost have a weapon (of any kind, which can include his own body) and begin with the damage Attributes and Abilities for it at five dots. This may range depending on what kind of fighting he plans to do; a brawler would need maximum Strength and Brawl, while a gunslinger would need maximum Perception and Marksmanship.

While not required, War is also often helpful to have in a Warrior’s toolbelt. Because there are many, many ways to inflict damage on enemies, a Warrior need not necessarily always keep those particular modes of attack; what’s important is not how he deals damage, but that he is always able to be doing so in some significant way. Starting Hero-level Warriors must focus on their physical ability to harm their foes, but later in the game the Warrior role may also apply to Scions who focus on using Health to smite enemies with disease and injury, using Earth, Fire, Water or Sky to attack with the elements, commanding large numbers of magical troops to fight for them and so on.

Character Roles

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