The most important thing about Relics is that they make sense. They either should make sense because of the semiotic structure or because of their Mythic legacy. Every single advancement that a weapon has, whether it’s a simple +1 to damage or access to a purview or the ability to channel a virtue extra times in a story, has to make sense to that Relic and for why that Relic is important to you.

A justification that ‘the weapon is fast, because it’s fast’ begs the question of ‘why.’ The world of Scion is full of justifications that are steeped in symbols or myths: your shield is the shield of the dead General-King Lyannadius who’s legacy protects you even when it’s previous owner died, your hairpin is topped with a silver-clasped hand marking you as a leader even in time’s where the world doubts that you are, your necklace is made of the golden rays of the sun turned metal and clasped from your father’s sacred tree granting you the ability to become a legendary healer throughout the ages. What’s important about Relics is that they become as mythic as you, that they become essential to your story, and that they make the game more interesting to you.

That’s what makes them legendary.

That’s what makes you legendary.

Big Changes from the Past

Relics are rare. You’re unlikely to find viable Relics off of mooks or even big bad antagonists, unless they’re Gods. It takes a great deal of time and energy to create a Relic.

Relics can no longer mimic boons. If you wish to have access to a boon, you will need to have a relic attached to a purview and buy it as such. Remember you have to buy your boons in order, you can’t get level three stuff before you buy both level one, then level two.

No weapon may ever have a speed less than four. Ever.

You may not have a relic that gains you a bonus to your ‘parry DV’ if you wish to do so, increase your weapon’s defense or buy a Relic Shield (which is an exception to this rule).

More Information to Come

Purviews Cost Source
Link a purview to your Relic 1 point per purview Scion Core
Followers, Creatures, Guides Cost Source
Link a group of followers, creatures, guides to your Relic: summoning, communicating, raising from the dead etc, etc, etc 1 point per ‘association’ Scion Core
Armor Cost Source
Reducing a mobility penalty by a point 1 point per reduction Scion Core
Reducing a fatigue penalty by a point 1 point per reduction Scion Core
Increasing a soak by 2 B / 2 L/ 1 A 2 points John’s Site
Weapons Cost Source
+2 Accuracy 1 point John’s Site
+1 Lethal 1 point Scion Core
+1 Defense 1 point Scion Core
-1 to the weapon’s speed 1 point Scion Core
Add legend x5 to your ranged weapon’s range 1 point Scion Core
Unlimited ammunition for your projectile or ranged weapon 1 point Scion Core
Gain bonus of +5 accuracy if projectile is kept in the quiver, holster, etc, that stacks with other abilities the weapon might already have 3 point John’s Site
When utilizing a double action (split action) where one of the actions is an attack and the other is a boon from a purview that the weapon channels. You may double the amount of the weapon’s associated damage (for example, a +5 damage weapon becomes +10, +damage for rolling over) if you spend a legend. 3 point John’s Site

Note: You may lower the cost of a relic weapon’s points by increasing the weapon’s speed. When calculating a weapon’s increase in accuracy, defense, damage totals, and those totals only, you may choose to have the weapon be slower to a minimum of one point to gain a bonus of +2 points that can only be spent on increasing the weapon’s accuracy, damage, or defense.

Relic Vehicles are absolutely allowed in this game, but there is no real standardized way to make them mechanically viable on a cheat sheet such as this. Ask me what you want to do with them and we can talk.

Tattoos, Piercings, Body Parts, and the Like
Anything that is physically attached to your body like this, costs an additional +1 to the cost as it’s always on hand and very difficult to steal.

Mythic Legends and the Like
Anytime you turn something that is pre-established in terms of mythology, and turn it into something that could pass off as modern, that costs a point. If you gain a digitized copy of the ‘Book of Going Forth by Day’ for example, or an audio recording of the actual Beowulf bragging as a relic, that relic cost goes forth by one.

More Stuff

Item may alter its basic features: size, shape, color, weight, or texture 1 point Scion Core
Once per day you may re-roll a failed roll as if you were using legend; however, it doesn’t fate bind 1 point Scion Core
Reduce dice penalty for doing extra actions with the relic by one point 1 point Scion Core
A vehicle or energy based attributive (flashlight for example) no longer requires fuel or a power source. 1 point Scion Core
Perform a ritual dedicated to your divine patron that allows you to add your total number of dots in a purview to all [ability] rolls for the next 24 hours. The difficulty is attribute + ability at 10. 1 point John’s Site
Once per day perform a minor, nearly incidental action and regain a point of willpower 1 point John’s Site
+1 to a specific task with the item 1 point Scion Core
Covering that completely regenerates a specific item overnight 2 points Scion Core
Allow a ghost or spirit to utilize the relic 2 points Scion Core
Whilst wearing/utilizing the relic in a performance. All onlookers who watch the artist in question for five minutes are more susceptible to rolls involving charisma: add dots of art to rolls involving charisma for the remainder of the scene. 2 point John’s Site
Gain 3 extra channelling of a virtue per story 2 points John’s Site
May communicate via a medium (mirrors, fire, tea leaves, radio singles, etc) and use boons at legend x5 miles 3 points Scion Core
Gain a bonus of your legend in automatic successes and your legend as an additional soak to a single purview. 3 points John’s Site
For every Geas you have, allows you to add +5 damage to a specific boon. 3 points John’s Site
When you channel a specific virtue, you may add your total of a purview in boons. Regain the total amount of successes on your roll in legend as devotion to your pantheon. 4 points John’s Site

Obviously all of this stuff can also be applied on relics that are your armor or weapons as well. So long as it makes sense, anything is viable.

Question: But, William, I want my Relic to make me be better at _____________. Is that possible?
Answer: Yes of course, here is a handy dandy idea list of things that you can do to make yourself more awesome with your Relics. If there is something on this list, please let me know, and we can negotiate as it’s probably possible. Relics are supposed to be awesome, so we’ll try to make it work.

Skills and Attributes
3 dots == Add your legend to all rolls involving a specific attribute.
2 dots == Adds your legend to all rolls involving a specific skill.
1 dot == Adds your legend to all rolls involving a specific attribute in conjunction with a specific skill.

Note: This applies only to things that you roll, and not things that are calculated via raising the attributes or skills.

A Specific Boon
1 dot == Add your legend to all rolls involving a specific boon
1 dot == Reduce the difficulty of activating a Boon by performing a ritual using the Relic by one point
1 dot == Lower the cost of a Boon’s required legend
1 dot == Utilize a different ability (politics instead of survival for example) on an associated boon

A Purview of Boons
1 dot == Double the duration of a purview of boons
1 dot == Add dots of an ability to a purview of boons when doing that ability in the same action as that purview
1 dot == Gain bonus to a purview equitable to virtue for the next 24 hours, but first must do a specific, intentional action that would cause that same virtue to be rolled as you were going against it.

A Specific Knack
1 dot == Double the efficiency of a Knack; however, you must expend an additional point of legend if the knack requires such. Efficiency could be time, duration, effect, or the like.

Not Getting Hit
1 point == Gain a +1 to your dodge DV. It stacks with itself quite nicely.

Running Around
2 dots == Add your legend to your dash total.

Breaking Stuff
2 dots == Spend a legend and add your art skills to all damage to inanimate objects

Holding my Breath
1 dot == Hold your Breath for twice as long.


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