Priest Michael -- Miki

Priest Michael has a fatebinding to Miki at a five point rating.

1,000 Miles from him (New Phoenix, Utah) and for a year of in game time
(December 21st, 2003)

Priest Michael is Miki’s ‘Balm’
Balm: The mortal is an oasis of calm and support for the Scion and never fails to make her feel better about things. He tries to help the Scion; however, he is able, and always offers a soothing word.

Miki fatebounded this man when she converted the masses from Absalonism to Shintoism (specifically Ameratsu and Miki-Ameratsu).

This also means that he’s Fatebound for a year, that it’s in effect for a 1000 miles around New Phoenix, Utah. It gives a +2 dice to two things that Priest Michael think’s Miki is good at, and -2 dice to things that Priest Michael thinks Miki is bad at, so long as Tyson is within 1000 miles from him.

Miki gets +3 dice to Presence / -3 dice to Stealth
Priest Michael witnessed her decimate the faith of his flock with a five minute conversation with the stars around her like a crown. The woman is noticible! But is she subtle in her physical presence? God no.

Miki gets +3 dice to Survival / -3 dice to Investigation
Priest Michael has witnessed her control water with the flick of her hand and create artistic interpretations of loops. Clearly this woman, no, this goddess in training is a master of water control (which is the skill of survival in terms of mechanics terms). She certainly put out that fire; however, if she had been paying more attention to the fire in question, she probably wouldn’t have had to put out the water in question. Silly Goddess!

Priest Michael is siphoning 0% of Miki’s XP.

If Priest Michael dies and Miki refuses to save him or it was possible for Miki to save him then she looses three points of Willpower and she can’t spend legend for a day.

Priest Michael -- Miki

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