We use, like for everything else, John’s rules on fatebinding. You can take a look here: I am full of links

Fatebinding is a funny mechanic, you expend legend to do something around a human being and it’s possible that, that human being becomes wound up in your fate.

Here are some general rules on it

- It effects only abilities and attributes.

- Note: John’s Site speaks about being able to effect purviews; however, I am not including purviews in this system. The simple reason is that I’m running a shorter game then he imagines and you guys are incredibly focused individuals when it comes to purviews. I see no need to screw around with it.

- Note: By the sounds of things, Fatebound mortals can give you more XP. I do not use that system. It’s too easy for things to go out of whack. Instead I do use the XP syphoning from your character sheet, that is put into a bank, that is then spent on things that they find appropriate.

- Fatebounds do not effect your behavior, they effect the behavior of other people. You have to be a pure, mortal human being in order to be fatebound to another person in terms of these mechanics. Please note that fatebinding also has a non-mechanical side effect which is how people with legend get tied up in your story and vice-versa; however, that just means ‘this person is important’ which is pretty much everyone you interact with anyways.

- The roles of the Fatebound are completely random, except when I’ve introduced an important mortal to a story and fleshed out their character, then it’s sort of ‘I roll and if I don’t like it, I re-roll’. This can lead to some wacky shenanigans, like the person you saved from dying turning out to be your mortal enemy: fate is a fickle bitch.

- Fatebounds can screw you over big time and as such I tend to be quite public OOC of what’s happening. Feel free to ask me my reasoning at any time and I’ll get back to you in due time.

Herman Maur — Rui

Charles Bronson — Rui


Lady Grey — Ryan



Conductor Kuhn — Nessa

Priest Michael

Shinto Priest Henry — Miki

Bartender Robert — Miki

Shinto Priestess Katherine — Miki


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