Creatures / Followers

Followers and Creatures
Taken from John’s Site and edited for clarification

Followers and creatures gain in power along with their controller. If you have one or two followers they are 2 Legends behind their Scion. If you have three to four followers they are three Legend behind. If you have five or more followers they are four Legend behind.

This means that if you have one follower, he’s considered to be at 0 Legend when you are at Legend 2, but when you go to Legend 3. Your follower goes to Legend 1.

As soon as it’s legendary, it gets a power. This power is often not a knack.

If it’s a 1 dot creature, it gets a power every other legend.
If it’s a three dot creature it gets a power every legend.
If it’s a five dot creature it gets a power every legend, and two every odd legend.

When your character graduates to demigod or God, you must spend some of your ‘Relic points’ on raising your creature/follower up.

When your Creature/Follower reaches Legend 5, it gains a significant amount of power.

When your creature/Follower reaches Legend 9, it gains even more significant amount of power.

If you increase the power of your Creature / Follower with Jotunblut, Animal purview, or Health purview, the people in question are altered in addition to the bonuses.

Creatures / Followers powers are controlled by me. Please consider the following things: I take your opinion into account and the powers will be ‘cool’ and useful.

Creatures / Followers

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