Charles Bronson -- Rui

Tyson has a fatebinding to Charles at a five point rating. After the whole making him his loyal companion using Jotunblut, the spending of legend made his life complicated.

This also means that he’s Fatebound for 1 year, that it’s in effect for the full world, and that it gives a +3 dice to two things that Charles think’s Tyson is good at, and -3 dice to things that Charles thinks Tyson is bad at, so long as Tyson is within 1000 miles he retains that bonuses.

Tyson gets +3 dice to Empathy / -3 dice to Integrity
Charles thinks Tyson is the most considerate godling after being fed some Jotunblut for no other reason then saying he was a worshiper of the Aesir and being on the trip with him; however, he also revealed his divine presence within a few seconds of noticing being revealed despite having a fancy relic to protect him simply saying ‘why not.’ Clearly the man is caring about other people and easy to manipulate by asking politely.

Tyson gets +3 dice to Fortitude / -3 dice to Alertness
Tyson is a hardy godling and a good man to drink with, party with, and an excellent Aesir in terms of raw physical potential; however, he’s not the most alert person in the world when it comes to understanding stuff around him that’s happening like rumors or how people play poker or people betting on his capabilities.

Charles is siphoning 0% of Tyson’s XP.

Charles Bronson -- Rui

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