child of the morrigan


Nessa is the child of the Morrigan and it shows in her cruel intellect and swift actions. She is often in the presence of Raven of the Coal Mine, a Fae companion gifted to her by her mother to act as a guide in the brave new world that is the new century. Moreover she also has a Jet Bowl that she utilizes for her boons.


Nessa is the oldest of our band of Heroes, and the most hardened by her experienced. As a young girl she was kept very busy in the active fight, nay, the civil war that is known as The Troubles, and she fought it well. Her father was a very active participant in the war and after he passed away when she was a young teenager, she carried on her father’s mantle as an explosive expert and saboteur against the English. In 1997, a year before the peace treaty that largely stopped the ongoing violence, she was caught in the act of setting an explosive device on an English military vehicle. Rather than risking jail she decided to blow it up early, severely injuring herself and the two military officers.

She remained in the British Penitentiary for many, many long years. How she got from Ireland to the sleepy little town of Ulf-S├Čthean is really anyone’s guess.


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