Stunting -- Purview Lasers

Purview Lasers

There are times that titanspawn, monsters, and the like have an opposing element that is so antithetical to their very nature that channeling that purview can cause a great deal of damage. Not all monsters have weaknesses like this, in fact, many do not; however, there are times when monsters’ chosen weakness can do a great deal of damage to it. Some very obvious examples include a flesh golem’s antithesis being ‘health’ or an ice giant’s antithesis being ‘fire.’ There are other times when the weakness is not obvious: a creature of timeless immortality’s weakness being ‘stars’ or a fluid, rampaging titanspawn creature of water, who’s weakness is frost.

The thing to keep in mind about this mechanic is that it’s considered a stunt. A stunt needs to be described in terms of ‘what you are doing’, now the stunt in question can be quite simple: ‘I put out my hand and it shines like the golden sun,’ or ‘I stomp my feet and the ground erupts in tangling rose thorns that dig into his skin.’ Some purviews are harder to do this with then others, but all purviews can do this: psycopomp, for example, is good to tackle creatures who specialize in being in all places at all times and thus perhaps you need to take the hands of ‘space’ and squish it into one compressed location. Another example is justice, which is good for tackling monstrosities that arose because of cosmic injustice or were the undead who were falsely accused in life: take your relic of justice and smash it with a metaphysical, illusionary hammer, or absolve it from it’s sins.
The other thing to keep in mind is that this requires you to have a relic, even if it would be normally associated with you.

Cost: 1 legend per five dice. 2 legend for eight dice. 3 legend for eleven dice. Four legend for fourteen dice. Five legend for seventeen dice. Six legend for twenty dice.
Action: Describe your action. Roll the number of boons you have in dice. There are very, very few things that add to this roll. Your successes are considered aggravated damage that bypasses armor and DV. This is a seven tick action.

Stunting -- Purview Lasers

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