Revamped Rules

Hello folks, so if you’re on this page then you’re looking for the rules that I will be using once our loyal band of Heroes, becomes a loyal band of Demigods. If you’re looking for the Homebrew Rules that we’re using in Hero, then you’re in the wrong section.

First and foremost I take absolutely no credit for any of the rules, save where noted. All of these rules are homebrew rules as done by John. John’s rules can be found here:
John’s Rules and you guys should all take a look at them. I’m copying them here, because of ease of use for me and you, because his site is a bit crowded with images and it messes up my poor laptop.


- This system is a bit more deadly, but not unfairly so. What it does sort of do is pigeonhole you a little bit as it’s more difficult to be say a great charismatic leader / manipulator of men and the world’s most dangerous warrior at the same time. Don’t worry your still leagues and leagues ahead of humans, but against titanspawn. Less so.

- The system is less arbitrary about advancement. Your skills can advance to level 10, just like your attributes. Relics are capped at level 15 and not 5.

- It’s a constant work in progress. John and Anne are constantly working to best fix the system and better contribute to Lore. Please understand that the rules over there might change and if they change mid-game, there was probably a very good reason for it.

- As a note on the above. Don’t get too comfortable with the system regarding Boons, they’re currently rewriting them all.

Associated Gods
All the Gods have different associations, I was kind and put up the mechanics for your parents over here Associated Gods.

Character Creation and Advancement

I have a whole page for how to create characters. Go there instead of here.

New Character Creation


- Crafting and Art has a specific section for it. What’s important to note is that the ‘craft’ and ‘science’ skill no longer exist, rather, things that are created are considered an art. Also art represents most things that don’t follow under other skills, such as say, computer hacking. (Larcency in terms of lore is more about legerdemain and physical thievery).


The Nature System is entirely relevant to the system at hand, as there is a new system in regards to resisting Virtue extremities and resist the virtues in your blood. I suggest that you take a look at the Nature system.

Social and Mental Powers

You may not ignore Social and Mental Powers by spending a willpower point. Instead, unless other noted, you must do a contested roll where the defender rolls Integrity+Willpower+Legend unless otherwise noted by the power or knacks that the defender has. People and creatures without a legend rating must spend a willpower point in order to attempt to roll.

You have one top speed, which is equal to your Dexterity dots + Epic Dexterity successes in yards per second. You can go slower than that speed at will, but it’s your top speed at a flat-out sprint. If you want your DV while runnning, you can go no faster than half that speed. Contests of speed such as races are not comparisons of this calculation, but rather contests where the runners roll off their Dexterity + Athletics.

Odds and Ends

The system for lifting and throwing has been changed. You may take a gander on the following link here: Lifting and throwing

The system for perception has been changed. You may take a gander on the following link here: Perception

Epic Stamina gives health boxes for each ‘stamina success’.
Epic Stamina gives an additional amount of ‘dying’ boxes equal to their epic stamina.
Tracking moves you at half your normal speed.
Every five dots of regular stamina provides an individual with an extra dot of aggravated soak.

Hardness, Trauma, and Toxity no longer exist.

You may choose to take a hit for another character at ‘0’ dv once every five ticks.

If a power requires more Willpower points to be lost than a target currently has, the difference is dealt as unsoakable bashing damage.

Driving a vehicle is done with your wits and not your dexterity as a general rule.

Knacks and other things that reduce the cost of learning skills have a formula to them. Always round up your decimals to a full one. Divide your things in half in terms of knacks that divide in half, before you use your divine parentage to give a -1. Nothing can ever reduce to a zero.

The `Natural Juggernaught` and `Eyes in the Back of my Head` do not stack with each other.

Ones do not subtract to damage rolls.

Revamped Rules

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