New Character Creation

Hello my favorite people, and welcome to the future of character creation.

As you should all be aware we are abandoning the character creation from the Hero Book (much yay) and incorporating the system of John’s Rules for character creation. I am taking the system from his site and making a few changes, one of the changes is that there character creation hasn’t totally meshed up with their new system (I spot references to things that no longer exist) and because sometimes websites go down, down, down, down and I want to keep it on file. Or maybe they’ll make changes I don’t like. Or something.

I highly suggest that you take a look at the Character Roles before you make your character if you’re the type who needs some help with this sort of thing. Remember your character is the son or daughter of a God: be epic.

Step One
The non-mechanical situation is quite simple. I want to know who your character is in terms of their personality, their perceived strengths, their back story, their weaknesses, and the like. It doesn’t need to be a novel or a grand epic, but I’d like to know a little bit. Tell me a little about your character’s history as a mortal, who their parents were, if they have any siblings, what they did as a mortal.

Step Two
Nature and Calling
Calling is just a simple phrase or single word that describes your character: ‘Biker’ is just as acceptable as ‘Degenerate Pimp with a Heart of Gold.’ It should match your concept is all I ask.

Nature is a fairly different thing and is deeply important for a system called ‘Determination’ and ‘Moment of the Truth’ which are very important mechanics with Virtue extremities and having to roll your virtues. There is also a set list of of Natures, but I’ll be willing to negotiate on adding more if there is a concept that works. But there would have to be a very good reason you can’t make any of the natures work.

The list of natures is here: Link

Step Three
God and Pantheon
Record your God and Pantheon. Underline the skills, associated Ultimate Attributes, and associated purview. If your God has more than six purviews and associated attributes, please pick six.

Step Four
You have nine attributes. They are the attributes from the book. All of your characters begin with two dots in each of those attributes. You may then add nine dots to the attributes in any fashion that you so choose, except you may only add five dots to one attribute (physical, social, or mental) and your characters are capped at five dots do to their owe so mortal restraints.

Change 1: If you are like ‘William, my character concept is below average in this attribute’ I’ll say okay. Your character has ‘attribute 1’ and you gain 10 more points to spend on skills below. You may only do this with one attribute, and your character must have an excellent reason for why he’s below average compared to a human being and why the god in question can tolerate that.

Step Four
Your character has four virtues determined by their pantheon. Your character may switch out any one virtue at this stage in the character creation. Your character begins with a single dot in each virtue and you add four virtues, though you may not place all four virtues in the same virtue.

Your willpower is the total of your two highest virtues. Raising your virtues in a way that increases this total in someway, further increases your willpower.

John has a rule for an ‘out-of-clan’ virtue changing the cost of your Pantheon specific purview. I don’t follow that system.

Rather your ‘out of clan virtue’ may never exceed a rating of any of your other virtues. No matter how hard you try, the divine Ichor of your blood forces some instances of your character to behave in some accordance with the rest of the Pantheon: the Theoi may not even the most sturdy of the Theoi have an Endurance of three whilst their Intellect or Vengeance squanders at two, nor may the stalwart of thought and devotion of the Aesir have a Conviction of two while their courage is at one. Blood is thicker than water and Ichor is thicker than Blood.

Step Five
Epic Attributes
Your character has five epic attributes to spend. You must place them in five different attributes. For each epic attribute you start with at character creation, your character begins with two knacks for that epic attribute; however, those knacks must be ‘first level’ knacks. For a list of the knacks you may see the total here.

If you decide to begin with less epic attributes, you may substitute one for 15 extra points to spend on skills.

Stage Six
Your character receives five boons to spend in any way that your character wishes to spend them. You may place your boon-points in first level ones or you may place your boon-points in second level boons so long as you have at least one first level boon in that purview. Remember that Heroes and Demigods must channel their purview through an attached relic.

If you wish to begin with less boons, you may substitute a boon for 10 extra points to spend on skills.

Stage Seven
Your character has seven points to spend on Birthrights. These can be Relics, Followers, Creatures, or Guides. This is a change from John’s Rules. Remember your character needs to attach a point to each purview. No Relic, Guide, Creature, or Follower may begin with more than four dots at character creation (this is a further change of the rules).

Stage Eight
Your character begins with at least 150 skill-points, but some of you may have more. Spend your skill points as per the rules on this page here..

If your character has bought up to his maximum in either control or art (Remember Science and Craft no longer exist), you may buy additional Control or Art skills at half-cost, rounding down during character creation.

Your character must have at least six points in your parent’s favored skills.

Stage Nine
Anything I forgot to mention above.

Stage 10
Review your character. See if you can tweak things. Show me the sheet.

Stage 11
Add your XP.

New Character Creation

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