Knacks of Importance

This a small ‘knack guide’ from John’s Site on Knacks. I highly suggest you check out the rest of his site and I highly suggest that you take a look at these knacks below.

Improving your Skills

Knacks that are good for improving your skills. They provide the ability to do learn skills at half price. If you plan on investing heavily in a certain set of skills, I highly suggest them.

Fast Learner == Intelligence Knack
Academics, Medicine, Occult, and Politics

Star Pupil == Intelligence Knack
Athletics, Brawl, Control, Larceny, Marksmanship, Melee, and Thrown

Natural Juggernaut == Stamina Knack
Empathy, Fortitude, Integrity, and Survival

Eyes in the Back of My Head == Perception Knack
Awareness, Empathy, Investigation, and Stealth

Natural Leader == Charisma Knack
Animal Ken, Presence, Command, and Art.

These knacks below are pretty important if you wish to specialize in these abilities in some way.

- And the Crowd Goes Wild - Athletics
- Empath - Empathy

Important Knacks for Resisting Effects

All things that target your mind, mood, soul, and the like (most knacks representing Charisma or Manipulation) for example, are resisted by your ‘Integrity+Willpower+Legend’, which puts the onus on you to be good at defending yourself against such things. Thankfully there is a host of knacks that are good at defending your very mind from such nonsense and they are.

Appearance: Bedazzling Image and Disorienting Countess
Wits: Lateral Thinking and Crazy like a Fox
Intelligence: Blockade of Reason and Parapet of the Mind

Knacks of Importance

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