Werner Kreuger


Werner Kreuger is the owner and keeper of Ulf-Industries. He’s also the person in charge of the Kindernaucht in it’s modern interpretation, hunting down children for bloodsport and future pack members. He personally turned Matthias Steiner so as to gain some leverage over his father, Mayor Steiner a scant fifteen years or so ago. He’s blood thirsty, ruthless, and has a twisted sense of humor, and rules over the small town with an iron fist and iron weapons. True to his word he does protect the townsfolk from the Goblins nearby, but in this case it seems the cure is worst than the disease.

Update: While trying to secure diplomatic negotiations with the Scion band, Tyson let loose that there was an Oracle in the town. In order to protect her identity and secure her and her daughter’s safety, Tyson heroically went toe to toe with the man and his two lycanthropic bodyguards. With a little help from Herman Maur, the two of them took him down and Tyson was awarded with the vagr-skin-cloak that came from his skin.



Werner Kreuger

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