Veto Husk


Veto seems to be mostly a sneak/support character, which is really what Gods Honest needs really. He has demonstrated a few birthrights, such as some Feather Tattoos, some extravagantly colorful corn husks, and some [[:turquoise-dice | dice]. He is the scion of Xipe Totec, which is not common knowledge, but it is known by Izzy at least.


One of two scions of Xipe Totec, twin brothers who were nearly sacrificed, nearly not by their father in the hot inverted temple in the middle of the Texas desert. Veto was a member of a Mexican biker gang, but he seems to be fairly clean cut; he was the youngest feeling and youngest sounding and definitely the smallest members. He was both their go to guy for computers and a decent shot.

Most recently he was nearly sacrificed on the Oasis of the World by a powerful fire giant on an obsidian disk. He was rescued by our heroes, despite the fact that his skin was flayed and his birthrights were nearly stolen, he seems to be doing okay, sorta.

Veto Husk

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