Thorstein is a big dude, and he gives the impression that he’s not all there at all times. Apparently, despite his intellectual ineptitude, he’s a very gifted small aircraft pilot. He is without a doubt Gods Honest’s strongest and stoutest member. Judging by his name, he’s probably a scion of the God Thor. He also seems to be very good at finding Giants and seems very fond of destroying them. Out of all the members of his band, he is without a doubt, the most innocent; he wants nothing more than to be the Hero, to slay monsters, and protect humanity.

He is typically a good guy with a big heart and big laugh: he can be a bit of a ham, but his wife typically keeps him in line (except when he has to keep her in line). He has a large tattoo that is often covered by long-sleeve shirt. He also has a neat looking wrist watch and a very large pistol, which are probably his relics.

Update: It would seem that the man has grown a great deal, literally. At one time he was a hefty six-foot-five man of strength and stature; however, he is now a towering 7’9" giant of a man, thanks to Jotunblut. It also looks like his hair is a little redder and his eyes a little bluer, like the ice of a glacier.




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