The adopted father of Absalon and the Greek ferrymen of the River Stix has been cut a little slack since the olden days. After millenia being chained to the boat, he is now free to take his boat into the mortal plain and stretch his legs every once in a while and beg adopted patronage of potential godlings.

Most recently our scion band has rescued him from being chained to his own ship, in the mortal world known as the Oasis of the World. His adopted son has ran off with his most cherished pole that gives access and controls his boat; however, for what purposes remains unknown. What is important is to note that, currently, he is control of his boat, but for how long remains uncertain as that pole is a very powerful relic in it’s own right. More annoying is that his son allied himself with titanspawn giants in Alaska, who later turned on him and tried to sieze control of the ship, of which our heroes and their rivals defeated, though after much toil and labrythian crawling through the bowels of the ship. It seems that despite his staff, he is quite much in control of his ship, so long as someone doesn’t bind him to a teeny, tiny section of it, using his own staff.

Finally, it would seem that descriptions of his demonic visage are vastly over rated, as while not beautiful; he would not curdle milk.


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